T. Stroop MSc


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The Implementation of Telemaintenance

“A Study on Change Management with respect to the Naval Maintenance and Support Agency”

January 2013

Scientific Supervisor: Drs. A. Ros

Expert Supervisor     : Ing. M. R. van den Berg M.Eng.

The Telemaintenance implementation implies processes of change in the Naval Maintenance and Support Agency (NMSA). These change processes consist of a change in work process for the maintainers, alternation of financial allocations and budgets, recruitment and appointment of personnel, personnel training and (re-) organizing of departments and identifying and solving organizational issues related to this implementation.

The primary aim of this thesis is to identify and address which Change Management approach(es) will support the Telemaintenance implementation within the NMSA. The research question that is formulated for this thesis is: “How can change management approaches facilitate the implementation of Telemaintenance within the Naval Maintenance and Support Agency?”
The research approach that is applied consists of literature and field research to identify the key concepts of Telemaintenance and the organizational and cultural implications that a Telemaintenance implementation might have on the NMSA. Accordingly for identifying different Change Management approaches and methods literature and field research will be applied.

A program where a formal project structure acquires and implements the technical systems for utilizing Telemaintenance and on the other hand starting a change program where the new way of working is implemented with participation of employees and stakeholders.
The research observations imply that a combination of planned change approach with Organizational Development methods seems to be the most fruitful option. The approach is a planned change program lead by and directed by management with Organizational Development methods led to a simultaneous change approach for this project that distinguished between a change element and a project element. These two elements shall be on separate but simultaneous tracks initially, but are supposed to merge during the course of the change project.

The project element shall work on the organization design, the procedures, the work standards and the supporting ICT systems. It is structured as an engineering project with set deadlines and milestones and specific design targets while people work in a strict hierarchy.
The change element will feed the project element with the information needed to develop the design of the Telemaintenance system in hardware,center lay-out and new work processes.

The Change Architecture is established by learning from the successes and failures of two defense case studies and experiences from defense related companies and suppliers. Also the change capability of the NMSA is taken into account of the architecture where synchronization with the Defence Materiel Process is made. Recommendations are made how to organize the Change Architecture to achieve a cost-effective Telemaintenance implementation.  

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