AMC Master Course

Accreditatie: Commandeur Klaas Visser
Accreditatie: Presentatie AMC

De AMC Masters Course valt onder de verantwoordelijkheid van Hogeschool Zeeland i.s.m. AMC-RF.

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  • The AMC Master Course received an International MSc accreditation of the International Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA)

    The FIBAA visitation panel, which exists of:
    - Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christoph J. Borner as Universitatsvertreter;
    - Prof. Dr Phil. Walter Niehoff as Fachhochschulvertreter;
    - Dr Volker Busch as Unternehmensvertreter;
    - Mr. Daisuke Motoki as Programmkoordinator,
    has recommend the AMC MSc Program for accreditation.

    This recommendation is fully accepted by the board of the FIBAA ( and granted with a ‘State of the Art’ classification.

    Extraordinary points noticed are:
    - the aim and target of the AMC Program is recognized as highly competitive and promising;
    - the mission of the program and organization is well-thought-out;
    - the first cohort is considered as a promising group of students;
    - staff members met has made clear that tutors, lectures and management, act like a team.

    Recommendations given:
    - open up the target group, this means not focusing on the defense sector only;
    - put more effort in acquiring lectors, but also students from abroad;
    - intensify your promotion/marketing program.

    Based on these results the continuation of the AMC MSc is now made sure and it is inspiring us all to make it a success.

    John Stavenuiter PhD in AMC
    Course Leader.

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