D. Wielens MSc


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Verbeteringen van het Spare Part Management bij de Koninklijke Marine
[AMC nieuwsitem van 13 mei 2009]

Wielens compared three common methods (used by the RNLN) for determining Spare Part Lists per Installation. This was of course viewed from the current situation in warehouses and the needs of the ‘Marinebedrijf’, where Danny works in the Maintenance Engineering department for underwater systems.

He was able to gather plenty of data from real life situations. It was remarkable that he, based on his research, could conclude that certain installations can potentially realize up to 46% reduction in costs for acquiring Spare Parts. According to the general manager of the ‘Marinebedrijf’, Commander Dr Ir Arie Jan de Waard, the results of this study fit perfectly with the planned inventory control improvements for the Royal Dutch Defense Force in general and the ‘Marinebedrijf’ specifically, where significant results have already been attained. Wim Polle MSc and Paul Kense MSc, Danny’s supervisors at the ‘Marinebedrijf’, are very satisfied with the overview of improvement possibilities provided by this study, and will take them into consideration for future steps.

Because of the supervision of prof. dr. Willem van ‘t Spijker (Research Methods tutor for the AMC Master Course) and the major efforts of Danny Wielens, the thesis and the presentation had solid scientific foundations and were easy to understand by a wide audience. In order to reach this level, Danny Wielens, together with his professor and supervisors, made numerous revisions and improvements to his work.

The examination committee consisted of; Prof. Dr. Willem van ‘t Spijker, Ad Rozemond (vz. BoE, Hogeschool Zeeland) and Dr. Ir. John Stavenuiter (Course leader MSc AMC, AMC Centre). ( Scientific supervisor  Prof. Dr W.J.H. van ‘t Spijker )

After the oral presentation and defending his thesis the committee reached a unanimous verdict. Danny Wielens earned the title of “Master of Science in Asset Management Control” and the ‘cum laude’ addition.
Due to the highly confidential data he was able to use it is decided that this thesis will not be available for public, directly by this website. Those who wants to have more information can get in contact with Danny Wielens by AMC Centre;

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