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Design Assessment of Industrial Capital Assets regarding the Overhaul Policy
by: Bob Huisman, NedTrain, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2010
Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Willem van 't Spijker
Expert Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Leo A.M. van Dongen
Reviewer: Dr. Ir. John Stavenuiter


The research addresses the effect of the overhaul policy on the capital and operational expenses of rolling stock.

The aim of the research is to support decision making concerning the choice between synchronous and asynchronous overhaul to be applied to a fleet of identical industrial capital assets made up of sub-systems with different overhaul intervals.

The intended use of the results is targeted at the Life-cycle Management team that is responsible for a fleet of such assets. The research is motivated by pressure put on NedTrain to adapt to the common European practice of synchronous overhaul. To support economic decision making, some models are developed.
Firstly, a conceptual model of the supply chain is presented, associated with synchronous and asynchronous overhaul respectively. Secondly, several analytical models are inferred, based on assumptions regarding operational fleet size, asset configuration, purchasing cost, sub-system overhaul interval and cost, overhaul make-span, and the period in which all overhaul jobs must be concluded. To characterize an asset design, several ratios are defined to relate the capital and operational expenses resulting from the different overhaul
policies. Finally, some general properties are deduced from the analytical model. A finding is that for any design, applying asynchronous overhaul has the potential to reduce both the capital and operational expenses compared to applying the synchronous policy. For two types of rolling stock (VIRM and ICRm) data has been gathered to calculate the ratios and to demonstrate the concepts.

The report ends with a discussion about the results.

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