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A Guideline to Improve Reliability and Operational Availability of Scorpène Submarines defining the way to manage Logistic Effort with the goal of better performance

This Thesis brings up the situation of Scorpène Submarines, which reliability and operational availability, under the current manner of driving their logistics, is lower than defined in their technical specifications because of failures in critical systems.

Diving into the root causes of the aforementioned situation, we have analyzed the submarines under the scenario of how to improve their effectiveness, having in mind that the global framework of budget will not change in the coming years and no significant change will be implemented onboard.

In order to understand the causes of the low reliability and operational availability experienced within the first 5 years in operation, we have analyzed the complete amount of failures and the causes of their downtime. Failures were compared with the impact they caused in the mission accomplishment, giving clear figures.

It was discovered that a huge amount of failures are consequence of situations representing a distortion of the ARM analysis made by the different suppliers, which calculations cannot deal with a real world, that injects failures through different gateways linked with the actual management of any asset. The “genetic code” of our equipment’s is affected by maintenance induced failures, the effect of the environment, logistic problems and the operation criteria defined by the operator, in order to mention some of the causes.

Focusing on improvement and looking on effectiveness in failure solving, failures were ranked according to the effort to come with a solution, achieving better reliability and operational availability. Main causes of failures and downtime improvement, which is our target, were compared with effort to implement proposed solutions and the certainty of results, giving us a pragmatic view about where to start working.

Recommendations were proposed to be implemented, trying to be more effective in the way to manage logistic products, budget and knowledge, urging in the idea that no improvement will be achieved without moving off. 

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