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Edgar Wienen

Thesis Summary:

Risk Based Scoping secured by Asset Management Control for Aging Coal Fired Power Plants
Edgar Wienen
, E.ON Benelux (EBX), Rotterdam, the Netherlands
March 09, 2012

In this MSc thesis research a guideline for organizing Risk Based Scoping according to the Asset Management Control approach is developed. The guideline has a general character which makes it useable by independent experts and for industries which are not related to electricity production. Implementing the results within the EBX environment will contribute to the profitability of aging Coal Fired Power plants at the Maasvlakte.

E.ON Benelux produces and delivers electricity, heat and gas to private and business consumers. The Company has an installed capacity of approximately 1910 MW in the Netherlands and is building a power plant of approximately 1070 MW. The power plants of E.ON Benelux are situated in the region South-Holland. Furthermore E.ON Benelux has power plants in Belgium (Vilvoorde and Langerlo) with a total installed capacity of approximately 940 MW. The headquarters of E.ON Benelux is in Rotterdam.

The revenues of producing electrical energy using aging conventional production facilities will become smaller in the near future. The most significant causes are a deteriorating market situation due to CO2 tax, preference and increase of renewable energy, new build and competition. Furthermore the maintenance costs of these facilities increase due to aging. This is assumed also to be the case for the aging production facilities at the Maasvlakte which show an increase of the number of preventive and corrective maintenance work orders.

The main defined opportunity is to determine where (scope) to spend money and man-hours by means of a structured, transparent and integrated risk based approach which continuously identifies "need to haves" and "nice to haves" and to make these quantifiable to get a better control regarding the decision making of which activities are essential and how to communicate to stakeholders according to the AMC approach. 
In this context the main research question is stated as:

“How to get better grip on Risk Based Scoping of the Aging Coal Fired Plants of E.ON Benelux?”

The theory of Asset Management Control provides a clear road map to structure the installation and to analyze performance. Furthermore a man machine interface is available which provides communication and transparency and is ready to use. The deviations in performance or costs are called performance killers and cost drivers. This theory is classified as the most comprehensive approach and is used as backbone for the RBS guideline. The Asset Management control approach combined with Risk Management theories form the Risk Based Scoping guideline. The guideline is translated into a process diagram of which the steps are elaborated in detail along with tasks and responsibilities.

To evaluate the guideline a case study is performed within the E.ON Benelux environment conform the implementation structure of the 6 get’s (get organized, get orientated, get practiced, get real, get across, get grip). Furthermore two presentations were given to explain the principles of Risk Based Scoping in relation with Asset Management Control to E.ON executives and staff executives. The goal of presenting the guideline was to examine the support of the Management and to evaluate the guideline to obtain feedback. These presentations resulted in positive reactions and the case study has proved that a significant improvement potential is present.

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