M.A. Astorquiza MSc



This within ASMAR, the naval maintenance establishment of the Chilean Navy

 November 2012

Scientific Supervisor      : Prof. dr. W.J.H. van ‘t Spijker

Having in mind that during the last ten years the Chilean Navy has renewed almost their complete main assets in term of their surface and submarine fleet, which generated a big jump in terms of technology. This obliged ASMAR to develop different activities in order to reduce the impact of this change, especially in terms of maintenance, activity that normally is carried out by ASMAR, as the Main Contractor of the Chilean Navy.

Despite ASMAR has invested a huge amount of resources in developing new skills and knowledge of its personnel, as well as in developing new facilities, test benches and especial tools to satisfy the Navy’s maintenance requirements, the feedback obtained from the Navy has not been the expected, mainly due to the number of tasks that are not delivered according to the planning.


Taking into account the statement above and considering just the Electronic Workshop as reference, during 2011, the average of tasks that were not delivered according to planning was almost a 40% of the total, which has affected ASMAR’s measurement of Customer Satisfaction. With this in mind, the purpose of this thesis will be to develop a new model to improve the effectiveness of the Electronic workshop by decreasing the percentage of tasks that are not delivered on time.

Despite there are a lot of factors that could affect the concept “Delivery on Time”, such as: spare parts, skills, planning, human resource, facilities, etc.; this study will be mainly focused  on improving the workshop’s effectiveness by controlling in a better way the internal planning, avoiding delay of tasks.


For this purpose the study considered the development of a software application that allows the manager to be under control of the planning of the human resource in relation with maintenance tasks, considering that ASMAR’s ERP (called OMEGA) only does the planning taking into account number of tasks independent of the available of personnel.

Finally, and taking into account the most powerful advise that was delivered by the tutors, the intention of the author is to develop each chapter in a simple an easy way, mainly focusing in finding the best way to be under control to improve the ultimate aim “Delivery Quality on Time”.

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