W.J. van Vuuren Msc


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Maintenance Control

“An AMC based guideline to achieve better control of the maintenance aiming for more cost-effective water treatment systems”

February 2013

Scientific Supervisor: M.M.R. Kuijer MSc

Expert Supervisor     : Ing. E. Steenbergen

This research is executed within the water boards Netherlands.

Waterschap Rivierenland (WSRL) is responsible for clean water in the management area of WSRL. One of the most important tasks to get and keep clean water is; collecting, transporting and water treatment, of waste water from companies and inhabitants. The installations WSRL uses for this are 177 sewage pumping stations, 30 water treatment installations and 570 km of pressure pipeline. Those installations must be maintained by the department Technical Installations. The problem is that this department is unable to predict the maintenance budget that is sufficient and necessary for a cost-effective exploitation of the installations now and in the future.

The research question that was derived from this is:

 “How  to achieve better control of the maintenance aiming for more cost-effective water treatment systems with an AMC-based guideline?”

In this thesis a guideline for “Maintenance Control” is developed. The guideline has a general character which makes it usable for water treatment systems worldwide.

Because the application of the guideline is a process, it is expected that its effect is only measurable in the long term. The guideline is based on generically accepted, verifiable and justifiable, methods and techniques, based on existing knowledge and is tailored to the seriousness of a(n) (potential) incident. On the basis of that it may be expected that the guideline effects better maintenance control. Parts of the guideline which could be verified and validated are overlooked. Based on this evaluation a number of qualitative issues could be listed which has given a clear improvement compared to the existing situation within the water treatment systems. These are:


1.       a continuous structured process to achieve more control with respect to cost effectiveness of water treatment systems from a maintenance perspective;


2.       better choice in level of detail of information tuned in to the criticality of the technical functions;


3.       a better connection between the strategic and operational level by having a detailed tactical management process which has links with the strategic and operational level so that the operational level is more aligned with the strategic level;


4.       better tools / information which make it possible to control and communicate maintenance cost effectiveness;


5.       more focus on "perform the right activities”  (effectiveness) rather than "perform activities right" (efficiency). (Focus on double loop learning).

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