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What is the relationship between the costs and the size of the Asset Management organization of the Dutch grid operators? 

February 2013 Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr W.J.H. van ‘t Spijker Expert Supervisor : Dr W.J.J. van der Wal Due to recent mergers the size of the largest Dutch grid operators (DGO’s) increases, while the smaller grid operators remain the same size and reduce in number. Examples are given that show that no method is presently available to assess the relationship between the costs and the size of a DGO. Questions were raised by for example the Commissie Kist in 2008 and also by the legal supervisors, if the mergers to larger DGO’s lead to higher cost or not.

In this context the main research question is:“What is the relationship between total, capital and operational costs and the size of the AM organization of a DGO?” The thesis consists of literature research and a case study.

The reason for the case study is a different way of acquiring data than the regulation requires, namely to assess the direct, indirect and material, costs of asset management.

First a theoretical framework was set up, to be used in the case study in which 6 of 8 DGO’s participated, 3 large and 3 small. Therefore it is presumed that the case study is sufficiently representative. The research includes the following conclusions

1.No optimum could be found for the relationship between the total cost of AM and the (optimal) size of the AM organization.

2.From the regulation point of view an optimum for the total cost of AM, CAPEX or OPEX, and the (3) size of the AM organization cannot exist due to its nature.

4.Based on the case study of total cost of AM in 2011: a significant increasing trend is found for the indirect costs with the increasing size of the DGO’s. Size is defined by the number of connections per DGO.

5.The total costs remain at the same level comparing all DGO’s, due to the yard-stick regulation. Based on these conclusions it is recommended to carry out further research on the optimal size of a DGO, as the Commissie Kist suggested in 2008. This is important for the future of Dutch grid operation from a consumer’s point of view, for the regulation and the supervision and not the least for the DGO’s themselves.

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