R.A. Ortega MSc


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How to Reduce the Depot Level Maintenance Delay in the Chilean Navy

February 2013 

Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Dr W.J.H. van ‘t Spijker

The goal of this thesis is to improve the availability of material (Spare Parts, consumables, and technical material) to really support the depot maintenance level in order to develop these activities in the planning frame. This means that schedule to develop maintenance will not be strike by lack of material at the beginning of the maintenance.It was noticed that many successful practices used in the private and governmental organization are not included in the Chilean Navy practice yet. From the literature review it is assumed that Supply Chain Management is one of the best practices to implement as part of the solution for the Chilean Navy.  

In order to get the above mentioned goal an analysis of all those actions has been done in the frame of the procurement process. This is developed to support the preventive maintenance process. This analysis has been done considering data already stored in the ERP SALINO information system, to know what and where, the problems are. The information and coherence was very important to really support conclusions and the way to improve processes. 

Once analyzed the information above mentioned, the variables such as integration, communication, and best practices summarize the main inefficiencies discovered being the most important ones to be tackled.

Bearing in mind the previous information a 65 % of the delays were explained and related to the impact on Depot Maintenance Level. Therefore, the delays were explained through these variables.

With this knowledge the inefficiencies were located and improvements were proposed. These actions allow improving processes and related maintenance impact, with about 55%.

At the same time, literature review shows a Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model used by DoD to improve a related Supply Chain in a similar way to the Chilean Navy. For that reason, it is presented like a tool which could allow the Chilean Navy to tackle variables in the same way within the current organization.

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