Ir. Peter Bakker

Ir. Peter Bakker

Family name:Bakker
First names:Peter Johannes Theodorus
Date of birth:13-01-1966
Place of birth:Helenaveen, The Netherlands
Civil status: Wedded
Present employer:Delta Performance Improvement B.V.
Years in firm:4
Proposed position in teams:AMC (Asset Management Control) tutor

 Key qualifications:

  • Based on structured and analytical approaches problems in the technical and organisational field are analysed to benefit the customers needs.
  • Ample experience in Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Safety (RAMS) Engineering and Management. In depth knowledge of risk and availability analysis for systems and processes.
  • Experience in implementation, consultancy and assessments of Risk Management.


  •    MSc in Technical Science, Eindhoven (1989)

Experience Record:

  • 1991-1998  KEMA, nuclear research analyst
  • 1998-2001  NRG, application of reliability methods
  • 2001-....  Delta Pi, application of reliability methods

Language skills: (Excellent / Good / Fair / Poor )


















Work undertaken which best illustrates capability to handle tasks assigned in present projects:

  • Royal Navy course on System Support Engineering; focus on System Support techniques as Dependability theory, Integral risk management and Risk-based maintenance. Based on practical experience (Royal Navy, RWS, HSL-Zuid and ProRail) the application of FMECA, RCM, MTA, LORA and LCC is handled
  • RDW course on safety evaluation; for the release of new car systems within Europe the Dutch RDW should evaluate the safety aspects. Prove of safety is given by detailed fault tree or FMECA analyses
  • Courses on maintenance optimisation ; in cooperation with the Hogeschool Utrecht parts of the educations on “Maintenance-technology”, “Maintenance-management” and “Master in Maintenance” are given. Focus is on the application of Streamlined RCM
  • Probabilistic Maintenance and Management (PMM) approach by RWS; support on the development and implementation of the PMM, being the link between the fault tree analysis and the performance of the maintenance
  • Review RAMS performance Infraspeed; the railway infrastructure of the High Speed Railway line in the Netherlands is contracted in a Design, Construct, Maintain and Finance contract. Based on actual performance the contractor receives its payments.
  • Project Risk management HSL-Zuid; the construction of parts of the High Speed Railway line is contracted in a Design and Construct form. The evaluation of the work is performed by External Quality Checks in which Project Risk Management plays an important role. The prognostic evaluation of the expected cost, planning and resulting functionality is dominant in this.
  • Structuring maintenance by implementing Streamlined RCM (DSM, ENCI, Royal Navy, NUON, EPON)
  • Nuclear safety studies (Dodewaard, Borssele, Petten and Eastern-Europe power plants)

Relevant Publications:

  1. HAZOP, a safe approach; Kwaliteit in Praktijk, Kluwer; June 2004
  2. FMECA, Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis; Kwaliteit in Praktijk, Kluwer; March 2004
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